Damian Winther, CFP® CSRICTM

Principal – Financial Advisor


Damian Winther, CFP® CSRICTM

Principal – Financial Advisor

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Phone: 952-885-9088

E-mail: damian@birchwoodfp.com

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"Understanding who our clients are and what is truly important to them is the foundation for what we do every day. Nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than being part of a team that helps our clients achieve their goals." 

As one of the owners of Birchwood, Damian Winther meets with clients on a daily basis and helps them get a sense of whether they are on track to achieve their goals. He works extensively on developing and implementing tax and Social Security strategies with clients. Overall, Damian aims for efficiency with client plans and takes into consideration their unique financial situations. He communicates each of the options available to clients and helps guide them to a decision and assists them with the implementation process. Damian finds a great deal of value in working as a team at Birchwood; he believes it is integral to successfully creating appropriate recommendations and finding the best way to help clients achieve their goals.

Damian is able to analyze a problem and provide a solution that is efficient and straightforward. He excels at translating complicated financial language into plain English to provide clients with an understanding of the rationale behind a recommendation and how that will affect them today and down the road. He is proud of the relationships he has built with clients and enjoys getting to know them on a personal level and discovering what is important to them and their families.

Damian remains active in the community’s youth and adult sports associations and is also a member of the Financial Planning Association of Minnesota. He is also involved with the BestPrep e-mentor program, where financial professionals communicate with high school students weekly and discuss budgeting, finance, investments and goal planning to help them understand the correlation between what they learn in the classroom and what they will use in real life. Damian and his wife, Jill, live in Minnetrista with their four daughters, Camryn, Keeley, Hayden and Finley. When not working, Damian can often be found on the golf course, at a local ice arena or coaching his children’s sports teams.


Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Minnesota Chapter of the Financial Planning Association

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)


Certified Financial Planner™ professional

Chartered SRI Counselor™


2020 Selected as a Five Star Professional. The Five Star award recognizes wealth management professionals who provide quality services to their clients.


Damian’s interest in investments and finance began in high school where he was involved in a program that introduced financial responsibility to the next generation. During college, Damian held internships at Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo. He was offered a position while still in school, but Damian passed on the opportunity, wanting to focus solely on his studies. When he graduated in 2001, he accepted a position with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which is an independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He was responsible for chartering, regulating and supervision of national banks and federal savings associations. Spending four years with the OCC, Damian’s primary role was that of an Assistant National Bank Examiner.

While he was working for the OCC, Damian received a call from a Birchwood client and family friend who mentioned that Birchwood was looking for someone to join the team. She went over the traits, values and characteristics of the ideal team member and Damian decided to meet with our owners. Although he wasn’t actively looking to switch positions, he met with Dana and Kay over a period of several months to discuss Birchwood and Damian’s potential role. He decided it was the right fit for him and joined the Birchwood team in 2005. Enjoying the emphasis on collaboration and analysis, he has never looked back.


University of Minnesota-Duluth, B.B.A. in Finance, Magna Cum Laude

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