Birchwood Process

Engaging the right Financial Advisor is a significant and deeply personal decision.
That’s why we’ve detailed each step of our process for becoming a Birchwood client.

Birchwood's Investment Minimum for new clients is generally $1 million. Click here to see exceptions.


lets connectLet’s Connect: First, we connect by phone or meeting (virtual options available) to learn more about one another. We’ll discuss your hopes for your financial future during this conversation and whether we’re a fit for your needs. There is no cost for this initial step.

financial snapshotFinancial Snapshot: If we are both in agreement, we create a personalized, comprehensive goal plan. To do so, we ask questions and listen to understand your goals, priorities, and assess opportunities within your financial planning. Additionally, we begin gathering your financial information. Depending on the complexity of your financial needs, our typical standalone plan fees range up to $10,000. However, fees may be adjusted should you become an on-going advisory client.


discussionDeep Dive Discussion: Every plan is unique. We’ll make sure we understand your goals and priorities, and together, we will design a plan that works for you.

blueprintBuild Your Blueprint: Together, we review your new financial goals to ensure that it fits your vision for today and the future. We look for opportunities, identify potential risks and advise you on the steps you can take to try to improve your probability of success.

Decision: After we present, review, and fine-tune your comprehensive financial plan, you can decide whether you’d like to continue to develop our relationship in a longer-term advisory role.


launch monitorLaunch and Monitor: You are introduced to your team of advisors, investment professionals, and your client support specialist. Your team collaborates to:

  • Provide you with the highest level of knowledge and service
  • Help you implement and improve your plan
  • Help you stay organized, on track and accountable

We’ll keep you informed and recommend enhancements to your plan as your goals evolve.

adjust growAdjust and Grow: Our investment team will design a diversified portfolio that helps you achieve and protect your goals. As your financial needs, markets, or investments change, we will monitor your plan and offer you the guidance you need to make smart, informed decisions.

Birchwood's Investment Minimum for new clients is generally $1 million, although exceptions are made in certain circumstances.
In general, the following minimums will apply:

Household Age

Minimum Assets










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