John Knuf

Investment Analyst


John Knuf

Investment Analyst

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Phone: 952-885-9088


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"Before joining Birchwood Financial Partners, I had heard nothing but great things about the people and culture; now, from the inside, it's easy to see why they have such an outstanding reputation."

At Birchwood, John Knuf works closely with Steve Dixon to choose the investments for our clients’ portfolios, based on what the advisors recommend. He also reviews portfolio performance and watches for underperforming investments. He has a strong knowledge of the structure and workings of investments and mutual funds from his time at Charles Schwab. Once he has a grasp of what a client needs, he thinks both inside and outside of the box to assist the advisors to create a plan.

Outside of Birchwood, John enjoys exploring the town and seeking new hot spots for outdoor activities.


John hails from Cincinnati but came to Minneapolis by way of Phoenix. Originally in the manufacturing field, John went looking for a change and learned about a broker training program at Charles Schwab through friends in the industry. He successfully tested into the program and was offered a position in Phoenix. After receiving several broker licenses, he became a relationship manager for Schwab Institutional. John managed the issues and requests of his clients, gaining valuable trading and investment experience along the way.

While working at Charles Schwab, John analyzed investments and offered operational support through various roles. When John heard about an Investment Analyst position at Birchwood, he jumped at the chance to apply. He enjoyed working with our team in a consulting role through Schwab and wanted the opportunity to grow his investment experience—in addition to moving closer to his home state.

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