Steve Dixon, CFA CSRICTM

Principal – Investment Manager


Steve Dixon, CFA CSRICTM

Principal – Investment Manager

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Working with individuals to manage their portfolios, Steve Dixon takes a long-term, disciplined approach with a bias toward protecting against downside risks. He believes it’s a mistake for any financial professional to think they have all the right answers. He focuses on diversification and making sure Birchwood clients are in a position of not having to react to what’s going on in the markets. Whether the markets are going up or down, Steve strives to establish portfolios that help create a stable path.

Around the office, Steve is known for his analytical skills and his dry sense of humor; he doesn’t hole up in his office but enjoys conversations with staff and clients that can include lighthearted remarks delivered with deadpan wit. He has the ability to cull through vast amounts of information, consider the possibilities, weight them appropriately, and then use all of those factors to make a decision. He can also communicate very complex topics, strategies and economic situations in plain language. Birchwood clients receive a quarterly newsletter written by Steve that demonstrates his love of writing and conveying financial information to a non-financial audience. Steve became an owner of Birchwood in 2010.

Steve volunteers with BestPrep, a statewide nonprofit organization that seeks to prepare Minnesota students in grades 4-12 with business, career and financial literacy skills. He and his wife Mandy live in Medina with their children, Liam and Alec, as well as their two Pug-mixes, Shilo and Rolo. Outside of work Steve enjoys playing hockey and golf with friends, watching movies and reading—that is, when he’s not shuttling his boys around town or playing with them.


CFA Institute

CFA Society of Minnesota


Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered SRI Counselor™


2020 Selected as a Five Star Professional. The Five Star award recognizes wealth management professionals who provide quality services to their clients.


Steve Dixon’s interest in finance began in high school when he attended a summer program for students considering a business degree. In college, the finance classes he took cemented his interest in capital markets and economics, and during his junior year he began his career as an intern and then investment analyst at Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, an institutional investment consulting firm in Minneapolis. He also found himself entering the financial field during the influential time period that included the Dot Com crash and Enron. Avoiding that boom-and-bust mentality became a cornerstone of his investing philosophy.

During his time at Slocum, Steve was placed in charge of researching and recommending U.S. and non-U.S. equity investment managers for Slocum clients. From there, he moved to work for the ELCA Board of Pensions in Minneapolis, which managed a $7 billion retirement plan for ELCA members. He was drawn to Birchwood by a call from his childhood friend Damian Winther. The two of them met in squirt hockey and have remained close for many years. Damian recommended that Steve consider a position at Birchwood, which he found to be a great fit philosophically and culturally.


University of St. Thomas, B.A. in Financial Management

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