Jenny Halter

Client Service Specialist


Jenny Halter

Client Service Specialist

About Jenny

Phone: 952-885-9088


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Jenny supports the Birchwood Team by preparing for client meetings, organizing updates on the financial standings of clients and performs any follow-ups necessary to meet our client’s needs. 

Jenny is inspired by Wangari Maathai, a women's rights, environmental activist, conservationist, and first African woman to win the Nobel Prize. Since first learning about her when she was a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Jenny began volunteering for environmental and women's health organizations.

Jenny loves spending time outdoors hiking, swimming, kayaking and horseback riding. Her dog, Oro often joins her for these activities. Reading is another one of her favorite pastimes, especially during the cold winter months.


Prior to joining Birchwood, Jenny worked for over six years obtaining authorizations from healthcare insurance companies for services for the treatment of children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and behavioral health issues. She worked to create and nurture strong client relationships and to obtain coverage for services that improved clients’ quality of life.


Attended the University of Minnesota

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